AW16 collection

We go 16 million years back in time when the tectonic plates drifted apart to respectively the west and the east and a certain amount of volcanic activity took place at the bottom of the prehistoric ocean. In other words a geological hot-spot was created and thereby land was slowly shaped. This place has grown, and is in fact still growing, because both the North American and the European tectonic plates are still drifting further away from each other by about two centimeters a year. The matchless country Iceland is growing at the same pace because it is situated right in the middle of the activity.

Iceland consists of different types of landscapes that are fascinatingly beautiful but also dramatic and offer amazing and exotic scenery.

Volcanos and glaciers rise above the sea, black beaches of lava surround the country, dramatic formations of lava pierce the landscape that contains stone deserts as well as green meadows with small ponds.

Here you can witness colors, shapes and smells that you will not experience in many other places. Volcanic activity underground is still shaping the country and many places you can still feel the consequences of earth quakes or volcanism, for instance when big cracks appear in the surface of the earth and thereby create new areas made of lava. At the same time you can smell the characteristic smell of Sulphur which is linked to thermic activity. 

In this collection you will discover exciting new cuts and details. Many of them are translated directly from some of the most beautiful natural art that exists in Iceland, namely the icebergs. Icebergs are unique pieces of art whose grandness and magic cannot be caught in photos, it must be witnessed and felt. 

Not two icebergs are alike and only 1/8 of each berg is visible. The remaining 7/8 are under water and that is a sight you can only imagine. When you see an iceberg for the first time you see shapes and sizes that nobody has seen before you. It makes you think, when you try to imagine how the icebergs were originally created in a slow process from snowflake to ice in a time before the modern era. 

From the highest points in the landscape you are able to see through the clear air to the snow white coating of a glacier and sense what it is like to be a small human being in a natural universe of indescribable dimensions.

The palet of colors is inspired by the white glaciers which sometimes are covered by blackish tongues like patterns. These patterns are made of volcanic ashes that have fallen to the ground after being carried there by the wind. You can see white and black stripes in many of the glaciers because the top layer of black ashes always gets covered by new snow.

Through this clothing line you will be taken through hot springs that come directly from the volcanic inside of the island and to an indescribably fascinating world. The hot springs will take you past glaciers and volcanoes, alongside fjords and through small settlements and to the large and powerful Atlantic Ocean that smashes against the hard cliffs and washes ashore the black lava beaches. 

These are the elements that create the inspiration for ”A CREVASSE AW16”.