About the brand

Mai Svanhvit is a Nordic fashion brand located in Copenhagen,Denmark. The collections feature ready-to-wear clothing for women. The brand was launched in 2016 and was founded by Maiken Bille and Svanhvit Þóra Sigurdardottir.

Mai Svanhvit was created with the intention of enriching women who wear unique and stylish design with elegant and sophisticated clothing. The brand combines traditional design classics with the latest trends. Interesting cuts, sharp silhouettes, innovation and timelessness are highly appraised and are important keywords in all the collections.

The different materials play a big role in each individual design and Mai Svanhvit carefully single them all out. That is why the line of products is manufactured only in luxurious, good quality fabrics like wool and silk.

All of these features are exactly what shows Mai Svanhvit's special DNA and what makes the brand easy to identify. The clothing is meant to give women a sensible, consistent and discreetly luxurious wardrobe that can be mixed and matched in several ways and added to season by season.

At Mai Svanhvit we are well aware of the environmental changes and therefore we make decisions in our design process that step by step will lead to a more sustainable future. Mai Svanhvit aims to create beautiful and responsible clothing made of quality materials that can last a lifetime with minimal care.

We design our styles so there is a minimal waste of material by cuts and placement of the patterns.

Mai Svanhvit does not work with trends in particular, it is more important to us that the clothes are classic and timeless so they can be used season after season and thereby minimalize the fast fashion culture.

The materials and sewing methods are carefully selected with the intention of making durable clothing. It is important to remember that everyone has a responsibility about the care of your clothing. Therefor be kind to the environment and wash at a low temperature and avoid washing your clothes too often.